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''AI Won't use navy which is why it's not getting added''

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The Title above is the reason lukasz provided for not adding navy units, which i don't understand really how that is an issue with the navy, it sounds to me like an issue with the AI, because if the AI won't use infantry or cavalry, would that mean lukasz would scrap them completely? or would he keep working to fix this issue with the AI


what i mean by the post is: lukasz is still working on the AI, meaning this issue could still be fixed by alpha or even after alpha in other updates, MEANING: there is a 60% probability we get the navy sooner or later, i would say those are pretty good odds for something we thought wasn't going to get added at all


@Łukasz Jakowski as you work on the AI, all i ask you is to try and fix this issue and keep running test trials of the navy every few weeks to try and fix it, we know we aren't getting it in alpha, but just try to add it in the other updates

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