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pretty much of a shower thought. i was thinking on a way to set flags to many ideologies/government types without creating many files for a flag.

basically: preventing this, most of these flags are for sub_ideologies of A SAME socialist/communist civ. (in this case, karakalpakstan) just with it's referent sub-ideologies (vanguard, radical, collectivist, etc)

though, you could make different flags for different subideologies, but if they are not found; they would use the core/main ideology flag designed for them.

- custom ideology flags made easier for mods with A LOT of ideologies (tno, q-bam, megamod, etc)
- you can get crazy with adding subideologies

- setting them in the scenarios
- programming it, maybe, i don't know java.

and with this i got another idea.

make the government types be harder to switch, sub-governments should be generally easier to switch. though, that easiness could also be made depending on the government type.

and then... expand on my idea on the gameplay modifiers if you please, as i can only think about simple buffs and debuffs depending on the sub-government. maybe set pretty big modifiers on the core/main governments.
and diplomacy options look pretty reduced for now so... yeah.

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