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We need ceasefire mechanic.

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When you have above 90-95% warscore you could sign a "ceasefire" with the nation/s target, halting all wars up until you cancel it or agree on terms with the defender/attacker.

And something like what Trump wants to do now. A world power(a big mediator Ex: France) should tell small nations(Ex: Belgium vs austria) to stop fighting and the mediator( France) could use "peace plans". Idk, sounds like an ideea for modern day scenario.  

Example: France demands that both countries ceasefire. And france demands a peace process.   After both countries agree, France can choose which country gets X amount of territories or smth.

Sounds like an idea. Tell me what you think.

Sorry for my bad England

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Maybe you can force your enemy to surrender just like the allies did against japan in 1945. Ceasfire can be signed after a request form one of the countries involved but the one asking for it is the loser. Maybe the big countries should have an impact one smaller ones depending on prestige you could negociate to have a peace deal between them, but i don't think bigger countries not even involve in war can decide what peace deal is make, that would be unfair

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