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Age of History 3

The great Canadian Empire and its Downfall.

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Despite what the name of the Great empire suggests, our story starts far away in Asia minor. The Canadian empire started out small and alone, expanding outwards into unknown lands until they found more people, at first they were content and happy with their neighbors but the day the Turks attacked the Canadians they showed their real strength, they grew fearful of potential attacks by their neighbors so they attacked them first, before they knew it they owned all of Asia minor. But they didn't stop there, under the rule of Hotdog man the First Canada pushed further into foreign lands. their army seemed unstoppable to all those who knew of them. Before they knew it North Africa, and Caucasus were under control of the Canadian Empire. But to the east was a foe, Iran. Iran was small and weak and seemed like a simple barbarian tribe to the Canadians, But the day war was declared the Iranians used clever strategy and captured weapons to crush the invaders, other surrounding countries joined in and thus began, the fall of the Canadian Empire.

Pineapple Juice

Sadly this happened months ago and I don't have pictures, I wish I was smart enough to take screenshots.

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