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Age of Civilizations

Suggest leaders for LPM

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If you want a leader in LPM, just post their name along with an image here lol (be aware I may choose an alternate image if I think it's better lol)


custom leaders I have done:

  • Wilhelm II
  • Wilhelm II
  • Victoria Louise
  • Yahye
  • Oda Nobunago
  • Takeda Shingen
  • Vittorio Emmanuele 
  • Nicholas II
  • Pinochet
  • Mosley
  • Napoleon VI
  • Modi
  • Nasser
  • Ivan VI
  • Ferdinand Pius
  • Fevzi
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Ferdinand I of Romania
  • Ferdinand I of Bulgaria
  • Fanny Edelman 
  • Charles XII
  • Alfonso XIII
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23 minutes ago, Spartan Assassin said:

Name: Cao Cao

Birth date: 155AD


Related image

I took this from Dynasty Warriors 9 picture. He united all Northen China and his administration laid the foundation of Cao Wei.

lol there's no picture, I kinda need one for Lovely PORTRAITS Mod lol

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Just now, MatijaVojnic said:

but if you plan to add any Black and White photo to game, make sure to color at least one pixel. For some reason game doesn't recognise Black and White pictures.

they work, but because the background I use has a slight blue tint lol

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