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Aoh2 mod reviews

    Summary:   Darkest hour: A hearts of aoh2 game  is a addon for hearts of aoh2 that is here for a more simple ah2 experience that allows you to conquer the world faster in aoh2! Hearts of aoh2:darkest hour is one of the first apc2 dlc's and one of the best maps for players who want less provinces.

My opinions on Hearts of aoh2L:darkest hour:


-Good number of provinces

-A lot of civilizations

-One of the only mods I have played that has suggested civilizations making creating custom scenarios easier.

-A more challenging experience

-Will be updated(unlike the base game (LOL)


-Not for players who think aoh2 does not have enough provinces.

-Only 4 scenarios

-Scenarios have many mistakes

-Kings of dynasties and CII????

NOTE:this is just my personal review of Darkest hour.



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