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Hello Comrades, this is a place where if you do not obey Cpc you will get your social Credit Lowered! Description: PLC, human rights violations, aoc2 memes and blogs ,cpc jokes and more, Join if you want to post!
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  2. what? do you expect me to write something serious? its just been a long time, thats it. Now go outside and touch some grass unlike me, do what i say not what i do.
  3. That’s the only way to keep the forums afloat, As more people are leaving for discord. Maybe we can have 30% forums 70% discord. We must keep this place that changed so many lives, Made so many friendships, And constructed so communities afloat.
  4. It's an 55 provinces 25th island of greece map (the island is called Amorgos) Instructions: "sus_L" and "sus_R" in backgrounds folder the folders inside "Nova Pasta" are inside the game folder you probably know what to do with the "amorgos" folder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vfd2cpqcqgmoia/amorgos.rar/file

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