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The Rise of Finland (1200 Start Date)

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The rise of Finland in the 1200's shocked the world.  They were divided for so long between five states, and within less than 2 decades, they were conquered by Kvenland.  Finland was formed out of nowhere, becoming the 15th most powerful country in the world.

Finland's story, however, was just beginning...

Finland was preparing to kick the Swedish out of their area of Scandinavia...


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The Great Finnish-Swedish War

Not much is known about the Swedish-Finnish war, but sources we do have suggest that Sweden got their butts handed to them.  About a year before the war, Novograd declared Finland a friend and an alliance was formed.  So when the Finnish declared war on Sweden, so did Novograd.  Not much is known about how the Finnish moved to through Sweden, but sources suggest they reached, and took Stockholm.  When Sweden surrendered, Swedish Finland was annexed by Finland.  A part of it went to Novograd.  Finland took all Swedish Islands, and took land down to Stockholm.  The war was an embarrassing defeat for Sweden.



Helsinki Reformation

With the government being the same since the days of Kvenland, a Reformation was needed.  So the king reformed the Monarchy and moved the capital to Helsinki in 1228.


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