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Cheat Ideas

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*fun cheat suggestions!* there could be some kind of cheat menu, with different modes and options in the game. or someone could make a hack for the game or somethn, idk.

AutoDefend - Makes your armies automatically defend your land/core provinces.
AutoExpand - Select a region of provinces. You will automatically declare war on anyone who occupies them or take the land if it's neutral.
NoRebels - no rebels will happen to you.
AutoAssimilate - Automatically assimilate any unstable provinces
NoWar - Nobody will declare war on you
AutoPeace - Automatically sends peace demands upon capturing all provinces of someone you're at war with.
MoreMoney - Multiplies your income by a specified amount
AntiInflation - Removes the effect of inflation reducing your money.
AntiDeny - Makes AI always accept proposals (unions, trades, etc.)
SellCores - Makes AI trade cores
AutoPlunder - Automatically plunders provinces.
AutoBuy - Automatically invests, builds farms, etc. using a customizable percentage of your income
AutoTurn - Automatically goes to the next turn with zero delay
VassalIdeology - Forcibly set the ideology of a vassal.
NoIndependence - Vassals will never declare independence no matter what.
RuleTheWorld - Makes every civilization your vassal
NoColonization - Makes everyone else never colonize or capture.
AutoColonize - Automatically colonizes provinces.
TPArmy - Your army will teleport to wherever you rightclick
ArmyESP - Allows you to see your enemies' army
PlayerESP - Allows you to see everyone else through fog of war
AntiCapitalism - Makes everything free
InstantAnimations - Gets rid of the fade animation when you take a province/etc.
SpielerJugadore - Annex spain and germany (just a joke!!)

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There are cheats already in the game, by clicking on the flag on the top left, then typing "hi" on the message bar. Then there you can type cheats, like "money" (adds 450 money)

But your cheats are not in the game. This can be an expansion of cheats bro. Good Job!!!

Also, I would like to announce my new Developers' Party! This is for fellow players who want to develop Aoc2. Check it at the Clubs section

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