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Age of Civilizations


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This is a scenario I had made for fun a while ago, and now I thought I might as well release it.



Almost a hundred years have passed since the start of the Great Northern War. With Sweden emerging victorious, it was obvious that the era of Sweden as a Great Power will continue, however, times are changing, and Sweden's position is at risk once again. In the East, the Baltic Alliance, made out of Russia, Poland, and the Latvian States, is eager to get revenge for their loss. In Europe, instability is at its highest. The Hungarian Revolution has just begun, while a bit more north the German Federation has formed, all while the Balkan League fights for their independence from the Ottomans.

But Sweden has problems outside of Europe too. The revolution in Brazil has gotten widespread popularity and might soon result in the loss of South-American colonies completely, while in the north the anarcho-capitalist West Indies Federation could very well threaten the Swedish American colonies. Swedens biggest ally, Portugal, might just fall too - the Mughal Federation in India is ready to take the jewel of the Portuguese Crown - India. In the meantime, the riches of Africa and the collapsing Jin dynasty will benefit any country who is able to rise to the top.

Stormakstiden is a scenario I made based on an alternate timeline where Sweden won the Great Northern War. There were a lot of other variations as well, however. In Iberia, Castille and Aragon never joined into Spain, resulting in Portugal taking their role as one of the biggest colonizers. Great Britain and France, weakened due to many reasons, don't become the great powers they were in our timeline. As a result, Netherlands and Sweden rose to take their spot, but the Belgian succession to independence is not widely-liked in the Netherlands.

The scenario features relations and vassals, but no events, since this is a sandbox scenario I made for fun. I also don't plan on updating this unless everything's somehow broken to hell.

Installation link:


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49 minutes ago, yigitciftci9 said:

why the heck ottoman empire borders is too little? nice scenario,  but there is a lot of border problems.

What do you mean "border problems"? This is a fictional scenario...

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