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Age of History 3

The Dust Settles Vanilla Scenario

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So I haven't been updating the Dust Settles. Mostly because the game has had a bunch of bug fixing updates I didn't want to deal with. So recently I ported the scenario back over into the vanilla game, and redid all the governments to now have the scenario be completely vanilla.

So far the full map scenario is the only one I did. However you may find some extra nations in the game files not in the scenario. I am definitely not planning on adding more start dates to expand on the lore of The Dust Settles. *Giggles.*


The Story:

2050 was a bad time to be alive. The Third World War broke out and nuclear war destroyed humanity. Well almost. People survived, though their world was ruined and separated by the radiation and fallout. Many generations pass, and in the Year 2135, an event known as "The Vanishing" occured. The radiation that separated and slowly killed humanity, vanished. With no explanation or any reason, the radiation that should have kept the world ruined for much longer disappeared in less than 100 years. Many villages took this opportunity to expand, create kingdoms, republics, regimes, and even empires.

The world is a very different place in 2175, the year the main scenario takes place in. Maidengrad and Unity are centers of communism, trying to spread their influence, The Way of the Pope is caught in a brutal civl war with Heart of Roma, Watership sits peacefully as they watch the tension around them get worse, an mutant human group known as The New Race plans their extermination of the rest of humanity, the Yaktao Dynasty in China spread a military-led ideology across Asia, the Iberian People take a surprisingly Mongolian approach to the expansion of their empire, Africa is still a very open continent, and Remnant butts heads with New Washington and Emperor's Way for control over America. This world is a huge mess... Can you change the course of history?



1. I will not add events to these scenarios and will ignore any posts asking me to add events. I want to keep the true randomness of Age of History for these scenarios. There are 106 nations in the main 2175 scenario and way too many are considered important and powerful enough to get events of their own. Plus this is not mentioning the fact I may or may not be adding more startdates. Events are not happening, PERIOD.

2. The New Race are the antagonists for the 2175 Start Date and will continue to be if I add more start dates.. That is why they are so powerful and broken.

3. Do not ask about changing flags. I am already working on those. In fact I have changed some of them already, I just have not gotten to all of them.

4. Ok yeah, if it wasn't obvious by the blantantly obvious lies and suggestions I was making above, I plan on more start dates. I plan 2180 and 2190 which will focus on the "New Race Arc". 2200 will be the aftermath of that arc and will lead into what I will call the "Second Cold War Arc". Be ready. 😄



-Take the folder names "TDS" and put it in the scenario folder under "Earth".

-Take the civilization folders out of "Civilizations" and put them in "civilization-editor"

-Take the leaders out of the "Leaders" folder and put them into the "leaders" folder in the AoH2 files.

-I am sure you all know how to browse local files at this point.

The Dust Settles Vanilla.zip

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Status report:
Alright, it is about time I start work on a new start date. 2180 is now officially underway. Be prepared for a future update.

2180 will include some new nations and some nations who are now destroyed in certain places. Prepare.

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