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1200 Mod - Now in other topic

just to see your opinions, but I will not do something around it  

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Just now, macabreconqueror said:

you said "goodbye forever", you're a liar

Show it


1 minute ago, macabreconqueror said:

okay since lukasz get online you will got banned, too much reports and btw I sent a personal message to him reporting your racism


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6 hours ago, Dolphin General said:

guys, sorry, the update hasn't been released today, MAYBE will be released tomorrow, I still working on it.


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1 hour ago, Dolphin General said:

the next update will not be called "religious conflicts update", because I noticed I made too much events of one region and no religious conflicts events.

The update will be called "They are back".

mongol invasion xd

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    • By Dolphin General
      cuz no one likes to scroll down until the  end of the topic, download of the current version FOR PC:
      So you like medieval era?
      So you like aoh2 events?
      If yes, this is a good mod for you.
      If not, I have some recomendations for you at the end of the main post.
      Events on the 1200 scenario New background, logo, running icon, cursor, sounds and UI Vassal counties for England RECOMENDATIONS FOR THE SUSSY IMPOSTERS WHO DON'T LIKE EVENTS or MEDIEVAL ERA or MEDIEVAL ERA WITH EVENTS:
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