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Albert speer

Spanish colonialism

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As spain colonized most of modern day USA mexico the caribbean,parts of south america the philippines and the west sahara.(in sandbox mode)

Had a couple of interesting things happen including.

Conflicts: the(so far) 50 years war between england and france. There have been atleast 2-3 million fatalities wich is horrendous for both sides,france also naval invaded england that went pretty badly.


The 7 year long european war(prior to the 50 years one) england owned the port of Calais wich was the last territory i needed to form Habsburg spain so I mobilized half a million men blockaded english ports from their territories in france.

austria went after bohemia and venice i assited them and became allies(almost a 100 year old alliance)

Sweden and norway went at it portuguese suprise attacked me nothing came of it, as we've been in a stalemate for the next 4 years to come i occupied the territories of england in france and gave it to the french,(and that's how the so far 50 year old conflict started)

Territorial changes: i gained a powerfull foothold in the benelux region (wich caused sour relationship with the HRE except for austria)

                                   : Austria annexed Bohemia and most of mainland venice also managed to retain the title of Emperor 

Portugal made an alliance with me and austria.


The colonization process wasn't peacfull at all I've caused for sure 1million+ causalties just by colonialism/wars against the natives.

Had a war with the ottomans as well bulgaria gained independence.

I have yet to smack ming but I might do it 

All in all the whole world has a real sour relationship with me except for austria,portugal,france,and one of the Nations in japan.











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