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A 2020 Scenario... But in a world Germany won WW2.

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What would the year 2020 have been, if Europe axis powers(Germany and her allies, I mean) won WW2?

I am currently working on a scenario(and a mod) called ILLUSION : Order of (the) Blood, which covers a topic mentioned above.

I cannot confirm when will be the first version of this scenario released, so I think you can only see some pics of mine down here for now.






This scenario is focused on the story, so I will try to put as less countries as possible in order to prevent unnecessary wars and border gores. (For example, the whole of South America and South of Sahara desert is a wasteland and cannot be played nor conquered.)

So, here we go with the story!



Back in late 1942, German forces managed to capture Stalingrad and cut off the Caucasus from the rest of Soviet Union.

This led to series of unfortunate events(Lack of fuel, independence movements from Turkestan SSRs, uprisings from Iran, etc...) for the Soviets, and eventually, they are forced to sign a truce with Germany, giving up all of what were at the west of Volga River.

And by 1947, the 40-year-long Cold War between Germany and the United States had begun.

But the German regime wasn't stable enough to persist due to revolts in Reichskommissariat Moskowien and Caucasus, inner struggle for power, and resulting long-term depression.

The Nazis were 'expelled' by the Germans in 1985. With the fall of German hegemony, nearly all of Europe s liberated.

And 35 more years have passed.

Now, the Germans, Frenchs, Russians, and all other Europeans, who are still in deep hatred on each other, are having series of conflicts, and are so close to beginning another huge war.

Will the Germans manage to expand their influence once more? Or will the French and Russians will get revenge on their former oppressors?

And what will be the fate of rest of the countries?


(BTW Story in Asia will also be made, but I've not started yet due to my exams.)


This is all for now. I might post more about this scenario if necessary.

Suggestions, criticism, all welcome. :)

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