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Age of History 3

Frozen Earth timeline (no download, sorry..)

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Hi I edited earth to make it no water, and freezing cold.. I have a big story for this, I'm stuck in the house due to the hot weather and COVID in my area, this is not a troll post I just wanted to have fun with this.

cold earth: in 1990 during the soviets dissolve, some scientists thought of a plan to ensure the soviets win the cold war. they used a time machine. they went back 10,000 years and the plan was to make north America bad for colonizing and so the USA never existed. they did it by nuking the **** out of amazon rainforest. but they didn't know of nuclear winter (for some reason) and the entire earth got covered in ice for like, forever. in this world the nuke event is known as "Echo of the Great" most believe it to be punishment from God, which it might be.. anyway they landed in the year 1100 and had to rebuild the soviet union there. they found that their plan had in fact made things worse, now people which were adapted to cold like the Inuit, Japanese, Mongols, and people who were near hot areas, such as Australians Incas, Navajo, all have giant empires. The Inuit and Japanese eventually take over most of the world but collapse later and they are the roman empire of this timeline. which also never existed by the way.image.thumb.png.a539ffd3f459ed6ab1eaf2d140af0d45.png


  • in this universe... Christmas is on December 22nd
  • the most popular treat is frozen pudding.
  • crops are mostly grown underground
  • its common to see strangers hugging for warmth, and as a result depression does not exist.
  • since its always winter, seasons like spring and fall and summer are all myths. 
  • since fascism and Nazism never exist, Hitler became a snow cone connoisseur, he was really good friends with Stalin, who became a great veterinarian.
  • "imperialism" exists in this universe but instead of conquering people they are liberating them from the freezing cold. 
  • a reverse prison system, instead of throwing people INTO a place, they are thrown OUT into the cold to freeze, and good people live in the gulag where they are given hot chocolate and warm blankets. 
  • penguins are a common pet.
  • the most common job is to be a miner who goes out into the world to dig up old frozen trees, ores, oil, and other materials. this is where the myth of the seasons stems from. 


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