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The Big Shield (1954)

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The Big Shield Is a scenario where Italy and Japan won the WWII. (and Germany not)
I didn't finish it, so I don't have the download. But soon ill have screenshots.
And this scenario will have events from 1954 - 2021.
The History

When Germany started Operation Barbarossa, Italy and Japan didn't declare war on the Soviet Union. Then in 1945, Germany lost. But they made an agreement. If Germany joins the war against Italy and Japan, Germany could have the same territories and have Danzig. So they accepted. In this universe, Italy joined the war prepared. So, they easily recruited a huge army with Japan. But it wasn't Efficient. Because allies had almost all Europe. So, the Italians called the old members of the axis and Portugal to its new alliance: Global Pact Of The New Empires. Italy invaded France and Germany. While Portugal invaded Spain and Japan won the war against China. In Africa, Portugal invaded Rhodesia Zambia and Botswana. And they were planning to attack the Brazilians. In 1947, France, Spain, and Germany were all dominated. And the colonies wouldn't survive for long. Some of them declared independence, and they had the Italian Support.
then in 1950, almost all the allies were defeated. so they surrended.
And in 1954, the game starts.
Will you be able to Free the world?
Or You will Spread the Italian influence to the rest of the world?
Civilizations: 45%
Events: 5%
diplomacy: 50%

Captura de tela 2021-06-12 183345.png

Captura de tela 2021-06-13 174730.png

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