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Helden Der Welt Unique Civilizations and Progress

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Helden der Welt Civilizations:


334 BC

Kemonomimis Imperium

In Helden der Welt, the Neko-Led Empire is what took the place of Persia.  It is a large empire that was defeated by Alexander the Great in the Neko-Human Wars.


The Kalingmire

A group of spider people that dominated Arabia.  They lost to Alexander and escaped underground.  Their empire was then later wiped out by a disease.



Small plant people. Despite their MASSIVE POPULATION and amount of land covered at the time, they were extremely weak and considered a minor species.



A small kingdom of Lion People. One of the minor species.



A band of wolf people. One of the minor species.



Dragon-like people who supringly took up a more Eastern Style of culture.  One of the minor species.



Modern Era

Neko Homefront

A group of Nekos wanting to take back their home in Tehran.  They normally use violent means and are considered terrorists by most.  Despite this, the US and other Powers still support them.


Neko Central Asia

Lead by Terine and Like Lytoshia.  It was a state under the Soviet Union.  After it fell, it remained Communist.  In 1993, it went to war against Kazahkstan over border disputes, in which The USA, France, and the UK responded by declaring on the Neko country.  It became a repeat of the US in Vietnam as the Allies got their butts ripped off and handed back to them.  This incident shocked the world.



A Neko Nation that declared independence along with Tanzania.  Two wars broke with Tanzania, both of which they won.



A Neko Puppet State of China.  They are treated very well by China and is very respectful of China.  When in danger, both countries will support each other.

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1 hour ago, Ramiro007 said:

I adore your Alternative Universe Lildawg!
PS:Im very curious about how the flags of the nekos will look like!

This won’t be modded.  However the Nekos won’t have flags too different from Human Flags.

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