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How about an update?

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So Lukasz has been silent for a long time, but I've been playing this game for a long time too.

It hasn't got boring at all, and it's actually one of the most entertaining strategy map games in my opinion, but being honest I actually would really like some new features added into the game.

Now I'm no modder neither coder to make a mod, and I'm not talking about map change or 120 new ideologies, I would like the game to be more strategic and actually have a change of gameplay, I can't make it myself but I know maybe a modder or Lukasz himself can definitely make it possible.

I don't even care that much about bugs anymore, I know all that stuff about turn +2000 diplomacy bug but I don't even care anymore, and no I do not intend to harass Lukasz or anyone in the community asking for an update, but I would really like to see something new in the game, not your casual remapping and retexturing (which to this point I consider those mods to be alright)

Now, the game would be much more interesting and less repetitive if they added things like:

- Weapon Production and Tiers

So, maybe like a production tab where you produce weapons by spending and investing a percentage of your money on it, also it would be useful if it worked along with ages, like in medieval ages you produce medieval weapons, in 1800, something like muskets, in the future, futuristic weapons i guess. (Nuclear Weapons are not included, I just think they make the game less interesting).

- Upgrade Tree

Another good idea would be a tree of focuses, like a tab where you can spend (something...) to get certain upgrades like production of weapons, higher chances of countries making diplomacy in your favour, etc.

I know this idea seems very vague, I honestly don't think it's very necessary since we already have the technology upgrades but also it's possible to make it fit in the game.

- New Simple Ideologies

I know I said that a lot of ideologies in a game make it overwhelmed and not interesting at all, but some cool ideologies like Social Democracy, Liberalism, Conservatism and Anarchism (this last one being intentionally terrible, because you know, it's government abolition).


Well that's all, I didn't actually wanted to do a post like this because I know, I just feel like another brick in the wall, people who just want to update this game and add 234 new features, being serious now, I like this game because it's a simple map strategy game, that's why I spend more time on this game and not on Paradox games, because I just want simple games like this.

I just hope Lukasz at least sees this, I'm not like that people who hate on him for not updating, I'm fine with that, even if things don't change after this random post, but it would be a great surprise if one day I saw something new in this awesome game.

Me and my friends actually spend a lot of time playing this game and it's really a lot of fun

Well I don't wanna make it longer now, I'll just say
Thanks to Lukasz and to the community too.

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