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Byzantium Through the Ages: Rise and Fall of an Empire / Concept

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Description: "Byzantium Through the Ages" is a comprehensive modification for Age of Civilizations II (AoC2) that invites players to experience the compelling story of the Byzantine Empire, from its humble beginnings to its eventual decline. Immerse yourself in the world of Byzantium and embark on a historical journey spanning centuries, as you navigate through the triumphs and tribulations of this remarkable civilization.


  1. Accurate Historical Map: Explore an intricately designed map that encompasses the evolving territorial extent of the Byzantine Empire from its foundation as the Eastern Roman Empire to its fall in 1453. Witness the growth and contraction of Byzantine influence across Anatolia, the Balkans, the Levant, and North Africa.

  2. Dynamic Time Periods: Start your journey during the early years of Byzantium, where the empire emerged as a successor to the Roman Empire. Progress through different time periods, each with its unique challenges and historical events. Experience the height of Byzantine power under Justinian I, survive the Arab Invasions, confront the Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade, and witness the final siege of Constantinople.

  3. Authentic Historical Scenarios: Engage in pivotal historical events and shape the course of Byzantine history through a series of meticulously crafted scenarios. Command Byzantine armies during critical battles like the Battle of Manzikert or the Siege of Constantinople. Experience the cultural and political struggles of the Byzantine court, make crucial decisions, and confront internal and external threats.

  4. Byzantine Heroes and Rulers: Take control of iconic Byzantine leaders such as Constantine the Great, Justinian I, Basil II, or Manuel I Komnenos. Each leader comes with unique abilities, traits, and historical significance. Test your strategic prowess as you navigate the complex world of Byzantine politics, warfare, and diplomacy.

  5. Historical Events and Decisions: Encounter significant historical events that defined Byzantine history. Make critical decisions that shape the fate of the empire, such as the Great Schism, the Iconoclastic Controversy, or the restoration of the Roman Empire. Your choices will influence the destiny of Byzantium and its relationship with other powers.

  6. Byzantine Society and Culture: Delve into the rich cultural heritage of Byzantium. Manage the diverse Byzantine society, balancing the power of the aristocracy, the influence of the church, and the aspirations of the common people. Nurture Byzantine art, literature, and philosophy as they flourish throughout the empire.

  7. Authentic Units and Technologies: Command Byzantine military forces and utilize historically accurate units, including the famed Varangian Guard, fearsome Cataphracts, and the renowned Byzantine navy. Research technologies that reflect the military advancements, architectural marvels, and intellectual achievements of Byzantium.

  8. Custom Events and Challenges: Encounter dynamic events that test your leadership skills and strategic acumen. Face invasions from rival powers, deal with internal rebellions, or contend with the Mongol threat. Overcome these challenges to preserve the legacy of Byzantium.

  9. Immersive Visuals and Music: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Byzantine Empire with custom-designed visuals and a captivating soundtrack that captures the essence of the era.

"Byzantium Through the Ages" offers an immersive and detailed experience, allowing players to witness the rise and fall of one of history's most fascinating civilizations. Embrace the challenges, embrace the triumphs, and shape the destiny of Byzantium as you rewrite history or strive to preserve the empire against overwhelming odds.

Note: This concept mod is fictional and not an actual modification available for Age of Civilizations II.

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