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Welcome in the Empires and Kingdoms!

this mod is currently under next developing...


Empires and Kingdoms is a Mod based on Medieval Times.

Mod is foccused on the Middle ages but even that, the Main scenario is based on franco-Prussian War.

You will see medieval stuff but also some new. The Modernest Scenario is World War 1.

Because the Mod is focused on the Middle Ages, there will be no Modern Scenarios.

Also you can check the list of Scenarios that will be in this Mod..



The Mod is under a huge developing, bc the original was kinda bad.

There would be 5 stages of this developing.

1. Alpha 1.0.0: Creating a own UI from kinda famous game crusader kings -

2. Alpha 1.1.5: reCreating and adding new Religions (Terrain) -

3. Alpha 2.0.0: reCreating the Map Design, and Adding own Music and sounds -

4. Alpha 2.5.0: Creating the Franco-Prussian War, and add first  main events.. -

5. Alpha 3.0.0: fix the Bugs, and maybe reCreate some things..

!This Mod! ⬇️

Will have:

Year 900 Scenario: - Done (UPDATING)

Year 1000 Scenario: - Done (UPDATING)

Year 1100 Scenario:

Year 1170 Scenario:

War for Egypt Scenario:

Rise of Ottomand Empire (1440):

Year 1200 Scenario:

Year 1300 Scenario:

Year 1500 Scenario:

Year 1600 Scenario:

Year 1700 Scenario:

Napoleonic Wars:

Year 1815 Scenario:

Year 1865: Franco Prussian War (Main Scenario)

The New Era (1900) Scenario:

The Great War Scenario: - Done!!! (UPDATING)

Costume Scenario Ride of Russia:

Costume Scenario Austria Hungary:

Costume Scenario Prussian Eagle:

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