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The nationalist movement that emerged with the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolutions spread to various parts of Europe and beyond in different years through communication, telecommunication, and books. It would be great to incorporate this into the game.


For example, the desire for unification among German and Italian city-states after these events, or the increasing desire of nations within the Ottoman Empire and other empires to establish separate states, should be depicted. 


However, we would need certain parameters for this. For instance, there should be espionage activities to fuel or hinder nationalist sentiments. Moreover, if this idea originated from France, it should first spread to Europe and a certain segment of society. We cannot expect a desire to establish a state from a community that has not transitioned to settled life in Africa.


These nationalist movements will most likely be carried by an intellectual who has been exposed to information and is eager to learn, and they will disseminate it to their own people. Eventually, it will gradually spread.


I hope this translation captures the essence of your idea.

I can create three types of rebellion:


1. The first type of rebellion is triggered by nationalist movements that emerged after the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. It can lead to uprisings for the unification of states with the same ethnic origin, separatist movements within a state or empire, or minority groups demanding various cultural rights. There is a high likelihood of establishing a new state, possibly during or after the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution. Instead of an autocratic regime, a state regime suitable for that era, such as embracing the ideologies of neighboring countries or creating a state affected by another ongoing rebellion, can be established.


2. The second type of rebellion should be against the government or administration. It represents society seeking new rights or challenging difficult conditions. It aims to force the government to meet its demands, but the state can use force to suppress it. This potential revolution can potentially lead to the preservation of the territorial integrity of the rebel state. However, if the demands of the rebels are met, prestige may decline, or the need to rebuild relations with another country may arise. 


If protests escalate, they can turn into civil wars or revolutions and lead to outcomes similar to the October Revolution. In such revolutions, the establishment of socialist regimes is likely, or in some cases, the revolution can turn into a global event with external interventions, leading to the division of the country, as seen in the case of North and South Korea.


3. The third type of rebellion occurs in occupied territories. For example, after Germany occupied Yugoslav territories, various groups began to resist the occupation. Although their goal was to establish an independent state, their thoughts and ideologies differed. Therefore, even though they were fighting against the occupiers, agreements could be made with them. After the war, options such as negotiating for various rights, continuing the struggle, or strengthening the ideology after repelling the occupiers may arise. Rebels should implement guerrilla tactics such as inviting the local population to protest, attacking garrisons and police stations, and setting up ambushes. The closest rebel acting as a state-like entity should be able to make decisions.


I hope this provides a more comprehensive and developed explanation of the rebellion mechanics in the game.

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