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Age of History 3

give Crimea to Ukraine

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15 hours ago, Reza Shah said:

Who gives a fuck about politics. This is a map game. If right now Russia has occupied/Annex/Liberated (or anything anyone say), then it should be shown in the map.

Literaaaaal. La politización es una verga. Si quieren que sea de otro modo que se metan al editor de mapa, te toma dos segundos cambiar eso siendo un vasallo.

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5 hours ago, LemonAid said:

As bad as the war is, I think that the territories should be classified as occupied (somehow Łukasz will have to code it)

Creo que la fecha de "Modern World" es justo antes de la invasión militar. Y si nos guiamos por eso, Yemen, Siria, Iraq, Myanmar, Etiopía y otros países serían un desastre de gorderbore. Es un juego, no lo hagamos político al pedo.

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I support Ukraine and I agree with you crimea is Ukraine, but since the date of modern day scenario is set in 2022 prior to russian invasion, I think it's ok to mark crimea, which was occupied in 2014, part of russia in game. 

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20 hours ago, bun_dha4 said:

so, this is dedicated to our "amateur american geopolitics expert" making the petition.

crimea is DE FACTO russian, no matter if the annexation is considered illegal or not. they occupied it and claimed as theirs, and it's gonna be until ukraine takes it back.
when we speak DE JURE, then we can say it's ukrainan. since well, it's an illegal annexation. to add, the un was against it.

the aoh3 modern map is more trying to be DE FACTO (excluding civil wars) rather than de jure. there is a reason why north cyprus, south ossetia, and etc are on it. (lukas will surely add the other russian occupations)

and with that done; no, there is no innaccuracy, there has been an innacuracy (at least in crimea). 

so please, this post better be a joke, cause they got me.


Even if the post is not a joke he is a clown. Change.org information part of this petition is fully AI generated. He couldn't even spend 5 minutes to write the text himself, hence shows what a clown he is. Look how dumb his text is loll

As an amateur American geopolitics expert, I am deeply concerned about the portrayal of Crimea in the upcoming game, Age of History 3. The current depiction supports and normalizes the illegal Russian occupation of Crimea, which is a gross misrepresentation of reality. This is not just a matter of game mechanics but also one that affects our understanding and perception of global politics.

The annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 has been widely condemned by international bodies such as the United Nations (UN), which affirmed its commitment to Ukraine's territorial integrity through resolution 68/262. This resolution was supported by an overwhelming majority with 100 votes in favor, demonstrating global consensus on this issue.

Incorporating accurate geopolitical realities into games like Age Of History 3 can play a significant role in educating players about world affairs. It's crucial that we hold Łukasz Jakowski accountable for making sure borders are accurate to the real world

By signing this petition, you are supporting the call for Łukasz Jakowski to make it so that Crimea is part of Ukraine within Age of History 3. Let us stand together against misinformation and promote accuracy where it matters most - sign this petition today!

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