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Age of History 3

The Great Division (LORE 0.0.1)

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It's the 2030 and in the USA the political division becamed daily bread for the population.

USA : The nation suffered internal crisis due to debts and a political division in the parliament, the decision of the president doesn't make it easy.
        The extremist part of the parliament allied with the army decide do coup the actual government.

New American Government: Born to Overthrow the already existent american government, the NAG allied with the National Guard of the USA and in few weeks occupied a quarter of the nation, the NAG get supported by 3rd positionist and the Right Sector of the Nation.

CSA(Confederate) : With the division of the Government the groups Alt-Right and Suprematist reclaim the Old Dixie Land that was denied to them 169 years ago,

CSA(Communist) : With the chaos in the nation and without a government anymore, the members of the CPA and the Syndicalist band in one great nation, with the occupation and instauration of the Communist States of America in the West Coast they now threath the rest of the USA

British Separatist's: *Still Need a Lore*

French Instauration: *Still Need a Lore*

Mexican Occupation: In the exact moment of the division, Mexico mobilzed their army and started the occupation of the now divided and weak USA occupaying hal of Texas, New Mexico, and the coast of Florida, and the Mexican Government will not stop his armies until the old territories of the Mexican Empire return to them.

Indian Union: *Still Need a Lore*


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