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Donald Trump's Empire of Colonization

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(All of this no joke happened in-game. Obviously I was controlling USA.)

This story starts in the year 2018. Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America.

South America, Africa, India, Indochina, and Oceania are all uncolonized. No civilized man ever stepped their foot in those lands. Donald Trump was one man who was not scared of them, though.

The US ended up in a horrible civil war, so our dear Donald had to solve domestic issues before he could bring guns and iPhones to the world. The big D quickly sent his troops down to Montana, Michigan and Idaho to take out the weaker unprepared states. He quickly hurried for the Western coast and took out Washington, Wyoming and Nevada next. Nothing was there to stop him. He took down New York and Maine, and it seemed like the unstoppable force of Donald's armies would not be beaten. He went down to California, and met his first real opposition. The Californians fought hard, but not hard enough. Soon fell Texas, Alabama, Louissiana and Georgia. And with a quick swoop, he took out Florida. The US was united once again.

Next, was the world. He quickly sent troops up to Greenland to take down the last few men from the Confederacy and quickly took all of Greenland for the U S A. He sent a second wave down from Florida to Bermuda, Cuba and Haiti. Puerto Rico became American once again and soon the Donald got to South America, where he met his first enemies. Down in Brazil were France and the Dutch, racing for the coast. Up north were the Italians and the Japanese, fighting for Central America. Donald outsmarted them and quickly took control of the Panama Canal. But then, a massive plot twist happened. South Korea got to Venezuela! Trump rushed his men down to Venezuela and took all of the coast from Caracas to Panama. He then took the tip of Brazil and went for the direction of Africa. But little would he know, his soon to be biggest enemy would arrive in Africa, the Russian Federation, controlled by Vladimir Putin.

What happened to Donald John Trump later? You will find out in the next episode of Donald Trump's Empire of Colonization

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