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Alternate History 1918: Peace but no victors

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In 1914 broke world war 1 out but Germany, Austria-Hungary & Ottoman Empire did'nt too well.

The Germans only victory was in Luxemburg & Belgium, Warsaw offensive collapsed and in Austria-Hungary has many rebels rising up.

Bulgaria joined & Italy too because Austria-Hungary agrees to gives Italy Trieste City, Trentino but keeps Tyrol.

In 1915 the Central Powers decided to fund many rebels in Russia but Germany & Austria-Hungary has no choice to make peace with polish & croats rebels and lost Posen, Galicia, Slavonia & Dalmatia but in return, both joined the war on Central Powers side. 

In the winter of 1915/16 Russian Empire can't take it any more and surrenders.

Treaty of Konigsberg:

Russian Empire releases Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Baltic Duchy, Finland and their occupied territory, Tatar Republic, Azerbeidzjan, Georgia, Chechnya and Dagestan.

Serbia tries to flee Albania but Albania is pissed and declared war on Serbia.

Southern Serbia is split between Bulgaria, Albania and Croatia but keeps Belgrade.

Romania, Greece & Austria-Hungary surrenders, only Bulgaria annex some lands. Austria-Hungary will be dissolved but Austria keeps sudetenland and Hungary Carpathia, Vojvodina & Transylvania.

Germany & Italy outnumbers France, occupied Corsica, Savoy but Germany lost his colonies & Ottoman Empire keeps losing land. They all agree to makes peace.

Treaty of Brussels:

 1. Germany annexed Luxemburg.

 2. Italy, Germany & Britain takes some colonies.

3. Occupied territories Ottoman Empire is been spit between & Saudi Arabia.

4. France cedes only Loraine, Corsica & Savoy.

5. Both Entente & Central Powers will be dissolved

56 Everyone pays his own war reperation.


1918: Duchy of Austria is created, Emperor of Austria flees to Bohemia.

No communist revolution because nobody suffers that much from the war.

Because of that Lenin (Soviet Russia), Rosa (German Commune) & Hitler did'nt get much support, only 2%.

Start year will be 1920



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