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Age of History 3

Progress on Update 1.1 [1836]

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I'd say it's been going quite well!

I've generally spent most of my time fixing some European and American events, but since the main focus is Asia, I've added several events from them as well. Anyways, let's talk about what's done so far:

  • American Civil War remade. When it starts, territories that were neutral during the war now get occupied by "neutral" except the bordering provinces (so no country can snatch them). After the war, US gets an event to reannex them. There is now also an option to play as the CSA in the civil war, but no idea how stable it is.
  • Fixed the formation of the North German Confederation. Added some lacking events and made it so denying the invitation to the NGC doesn't hurt you as much anymore. Once formed, NGC now also gets an option to focus their diplomatic efforts on South German, and given enough time, make them leave their alliance with Austria and ally NGC. This hopefully will make the war against France easier.
  • In 1861, Japan now gets an event for the Meiji Restoration. This starts an event chain where each event allows Japan to reform one part of their country such as taxes, which gives them a whole 10 technology levels and a bonus in the respective field, but comes at a very expensive -25% happiness to represent the citizens not liking abandoning their old wars. This will also let Japan quickly catch up on-par with Western powers and make their wars against China easier. The event chain isn't complete yet, though.

In-case you're wondering how many events there are:



Most of them are events where a country accepts to join another country or so, but I'll be adding a lot of flavor events for Japan, China and the rest of Asia, so stay tuned for Update 1.1: The Forgotten East!

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