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Another update on 1.1: Meiji Restoration, British Raj. and Peking Convention.

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Another day, another progress report on 1.1. After all, I need to somehow keep you guys interested. Anyways, today I only made some events, but I made quite a lot of them.

  • Meiji Restoration and Reforms.

At around ~1860, Japan gets an event for the Meiji Restoration. If Japan accepts (which they almost always will), it starts a 7-event event-chain. Each event is based on a topic, such as the IJA or industrialization. If Japan decides to choose the positive option, they get +0.1 technology (10 research points), -20 to -40% unhappiness in all of civilization (depends on the event) and some bonuses.

This adds a trade-off system. You need to decide whether you want to get a very huge boost in technology (if you accept all, you get +0.7 technology, although your happiness will basically be 0%) or prefer keeping some happiness.

Tomorrow I'll also add the events for the Bushido War and the Satsuma Rebellion.

  • Indian War of Independence and the British Raj.

Also around ~1860, UK gets an event where Sepoys (Indian troops) mutiny. If the UK doesn't respond fast enough (which they almost never will), they'll soon get an event where it transforms into a subcontinent-wide rebellion. Once defeated, UK gets an event where they are forced to form the British Raj which annexes all of the British territories in India. While not fully finished (because I need to replace some Indian vassals), it also starts events for Indian vassals where they need to either join the British Raj. or declare war on the United Kingdom.

  • The Peking Convention.

In 1846, Russia gets an event to send diplomats to the Far East to expand its influence. If accepted, it starts a small event chain called the Peking Convention. After a while, Russia gets an event where they "add Manchuria to their sphere of influence". All this event does is let Russia demand China to hand over Outer Manchuria. If China denies the event, Russia gets an event to declare war.


Thank you for reading so far and I hope you're looking forward to Update 1.1: The Forgotten East!

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