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The Legend of The Lost Legion

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A quick take to tell during a campfire.

It was the stormy winter night of 1730, the recently formed Prussia was expansionist and desperate for a fight. For quite sometime, Russia had been viewed as a backwaters land, being beaten by all those whom wish easy land. Prussia, able to expand eastwards due to a Lithuanian lands under the black and white banner, the King saw it as the time to finally put a nail into the eastern beast’s heart. In the dubbed, ‘Operation Lebensraum,’ the largest land army in history would amass. It’s numbers uncountable and it’s splsiers ready for a fight. After much preparation, Lebensraum began. Army Group North (AGN) advances through to St Petersburg with ease. Army Group Center (AGC) would make a large bulge into the Russian heartland. Army Group South (AGS) pierces the Ukraine, capturing Sevastopol in a so-called lighting warfare, ‘Blitzkrieh,’ if you will. As AGC and AGS advanced, winter only got tougher and tougher. Around the siege of Petrograd, a great mystery occurred, one historians to this day still don’t know its causes. Army Group North lost contact and simply... vanished. All traces of it disappeared. Those brave soldiers’ fates are still unknown, but they’ve been immortalised as the, “Lost Legion,” they died for King, God and Fatherland.



Basically I had this stack and they just disappeared lol. Lmao it was kinda annoying because the Russians would spread everywhere in the north, delaying peace by a while lol.

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