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Where I've been & pre-release.

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Don't have any progress to report at the moment because, as you might have noticed, I haven't posted much either. It's because I've been doing things outside of AoC2, such as parties, journeys and so on, not to mention school. I'm simply making this progress report to tell you that no, 1.1 isn't abandoned, not at all. It's simply an explanation for the lack of progress, but really, all I can say about the official release is Soon™.

And it really will be. All I've got to do is add Indian civilizations and finish the terrain. You can expect update 1.1 to fully come no later than the end of January. It'll definitely be before February, but I might just finish it next week. We'll have to see, but the full update really is coming soon!

However, in the mean-time, because version 1.1 of CoA:1836 is miles better than 1.0, I'll actually be linking a pre-release of 1.1 so to speak. It may be bugged to hell, but I hope not. Please report any bugs, and enjoy!


And if you haven't downloaded the 2 civilizations from the thread, they are here:



And if something doesn't work in the installation, I'd appreciate if you told me ASAP. I'll do my best to help.

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