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There should be other ways to build up a army.

The Draft

You would get units from provinces each turn but it would be in proportion with the provinces population.

Figure if the province population is 25000, each turn you would get 50-100 units each turn.

The downside, the provinces you selected for the draft will suffer unhappiness and revolt if it's been drafting Army for long.


Option for the ability to buy army Units or sell their services to other nations.

It would be higher military upkeep but will not effect the population of the province. Cost would be cheaper then building your own army but there is a limit to how long you can have them serve you for and they need time to get to your nation depending how far the they are. They can retreat/disband from war if you do not pay them.

For example, Greece wanted 2.5k units from England, those units would need to travel the distance between them.

The other catch is that there is only a certain amount of mercenary in the world. The amount will increase if nation began to sell their army to be used for mercenary. 

Each nation can only give limit of 5000 units to the mercenary.

Mercenary purchase can't be used against the nation you purchase them from.

They can not travel in allie or friendly land


What is currently in the game

Total War Conscription

Only offered to a nation if they lost 3/4 of their core provinces. It allows to recruit half the maximum of the recuitmentable population of a province. The province suffers instability, and revolt would increase. The province will not be able to produce money. 

They are only half as effective as standard army so they would need to outnumber the enemy by 1:2.4

The cost to upkeep is lower than standard but the cost of movement is higher. 

They can only summon these kind of armies from 2-4 provinces each other turn.

This would be a last ditch effort since you would also suffer from decreased income.

After war is over they will be disbanded and the cost of good would need to increase to cover the lost of citizens

Foreign Military Assistance

you ask for Miltary help from surrounding neighbors,

It would not be limited and it would not draw them to war against the enemy. 

It would be a trade deal in a sense, like France can offer 5k units for X amount of gold or a province.

Depend where they are and how far you are, will determine how long it'll be until they reach you

New Building

Training Camp

Takes Army Units beside mercenary and train them to gain a battle ratio of 1:1.4.

It would take 5 turns for the max of 3.5k units to achieve this buff. This cost 5000 gold

Training them again which adds 5 more turns so its 10 turns to achieve the battle ratio of 1:1.8 and cost 10000 gold.

But these trained armies gain lower movement cost but higher upkeep.

The building itself would cost 15000 gold to build and also cost Miltary Upkeep.


Small nations may have higher skilled army at the start of the game/ have the building itself. 

Larger Nations may have a mix of them but mostly standard units. 

Each type of armies will be colored differently.


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