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Age of History 3

suggestions by me (again

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some are inspired from hoi4 i was playing that. im sure these will be ignored because the game is dead though maybe can someone make a MOD?

ai related stuff:

  • countries in alliances shouldnt be able to declare war on one another. also if one leaves an alliance to declare war, it should not be able to declare war in the same turn it left the alliance in
  • alliances are also very unstable. member states should always work toward good relations like in real life.
  • alliances are way too limited, if there are more than 2 member states, then asking another one to join is almost always impossible.
  • a country should send an ultimatum always before going to war. if a country has core provinces of another/yours they would demand the cores otherwise they would calculate what the best thing for them would be that is also reasonably acceptable this can be done by checking if another ai would accept it then it would send it.

war related:

  • clicking on each individual province in a war to capture it is frankly a little ridiculous. there should be something like in hoi4 where you front-line and then draw a line to take all territory until that line. 
  • seriously you should be able to specify a negative amount of vassal tribute to quench liberty desire. its unstable, also if you demand a lot of tribute but then pay it back (or more) in a trade each turn the vassal will still want liberty. this isnt needing to be fixed i just thought it was hilarious.

ideology related:

  • Support Rebels button is kind of annoying. please make it where its continuous or for a set amount of turns like Improving Relations. also there should be rebel movements for other ideologies sometimes. 
  • countries of the same ideology should be far far less likely to declare war 
  • ideologies should have "imperialism_opinion:" in which a country that is declaring a lot of wars will alter opinions differently. for example if south korea was expanding a lot, a communist nation like china would have a negative imperial opinion so relations with them would go down but a fascist nation might have positive opinions.
  • ideologies should have  "vassal_likelihood:" which would dictate how likely they are to vassalize any country they occupy. 
  • ideology "expansion_likelihood": how likely is a country to go to war over territory.
  • ideology popularity should be a thing this could also tie into supporting rebels.
  • an ideology maker in-game, that would be nice..


  • trading and the gift option should have 2 modes: "one time" and "continuous". continuous would run the trade/gift each turn. this could be used to insure territory for nations without the need to trade for provinces constantly or to make sure that you have good relations, or to support an ally.
  • Travel. Higher technology = more travel. Your population would be exported to other nations and if neutral provinces are around maybe even auto-colonize them. During a war you could fund rebels if a good chunk of your population is in that country. Maybe they could repatriate back to your country or start their own rebellion giving you some of the territory.
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