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Another report for 1.1: Coal, Iron, India.

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Hi! As necessary, this is yet another progress report on Update 1.1, and as far as I know, the second-to-last. I'll probably have one more progress report besides this before Update 1.1 is fully out, so yeah! For this update, as said in the title, we have 3 main subjects; Coal, Iron, India.

  • Coal and Coal (Hill).

These are 2 of the new 4 terrain types that I've made for Coat of Arms: 1836. The Coal terrain type provides REALLY large bonuses to the province with this type of terrain. For coal, the benefits are (if I recall correctly) -40% build cost, +25% population growth, and +40% economic growth. While these bonuses are really high, they're more so to represent the impact of coal in industrialization. Coal (Hill) is all-around the same except a bit lower benefits and some defense bonus.

  • Iron and Iron (Hill).

These are another 2 of the 4 terrain types that I've made. Similarly to coal, Iron provides huge benefits to the province with such a type. Iron has similar benefits to coal except lower, but it has a whopping -80% build cost.

The entire reason for these powerful terrain types is so buildings get more so focused in specific provinces due to cost and effectiveness, thus representing industry concentration in specific areas.

  • New civilizations in India!

Slowly but surely I've been working on the new civilizations (completely based off of those in Victoria 2) to replace the place-holder civilizations located in Asia. It's rather time-consuming, but I'm making progress. I also replaced the flags for NGF and UPCI.

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