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Update Progress: 1920, 1/21/19 Version 1.1

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Hello everybody!

Now is a good time for me to post an update progress.  I will warn there is a very small chance that you will not see an update this week, as I have something personal going on really soon.  But the likelihood of that happening is very small.  So yeah, this update will be REALLY soon.

What I have done so far:

Added more events for Nazi Germany right before the start of WW2

Added Mussolini takes power event in Italy, if you deny making him Prime Minister, your happiness is significantly lowered risking fascist civil war.

Saar-Basin has a choice to join Germany or France, there is a bug though where it seems to become apart of France far too often.  It is glitchy.

Pact of Steel event (Alliance between Germany and Italy)

New Alliance between France & Britain

Bloody Sunday for Irish Rebels Event

Nepal & Bhutan

What I have left to do:

Finish up the Irish Rebels

Balance some colonies in Africa

That is really it!

This update is coming super soon!  It adds a lot on to version 1.0!

I am so excited for everybody to see it 😄 

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