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I have decided to make a club for all projects made by me. I can now have an easier way to post progress updates frequently without flooding my scenarios wall. This group is for all fans of my scenarios such as 1920 and Fall of Communism. Expect much more to come!
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  2. Thank you, I believe the issue is fixed for now but I am sure this could come in handy in the future. Yeah the game has been really bugged up.
  3. Bundle.properties Sorry for late reply, lately I've been modding
  4. I think the game is buggy, but I'll send mine to you later
  5. I would appreciate it if someone could send me a copy of YOUR bundle.properties file from Age of Civilizations II / game / languages / civilizations Because if I can potentially get my hands on a NORMAL UNEDITED bundle.properties file, I can probably fix my civilizations. Because until they're fixed, no more updates on this scenario OR it is possible that this is happening to everybody and the game is buggy
  6. This has been what is happening with my events, every once and a while they change and random countries get provinces and stuff, so none of my events work. I have a hunch it is because of this one map I downloaded a couple days ago, I used a backup but it didn't really work that well! And I hate to say it but just so it doesn't happen to you, it was one Ukraine map like ukrmap or something
  7. For a temporary solution, you can just make the provinces wasteland in the editor because the REmilitarization works I believe
  8. Yes, it does, I tried a whole lot to fix it but for some stupid reason the event only works if your playing as Weimar Republic I really hope to fix that soon, you know what I am just going to re make the entire event soon Oh and the only other weird phenomenon I can't seem to wrap my head around is that the formation of Turkey works but it doesn't annex Greeces land no matter what I try and do, I swear I remade the event multiple times EDIT: Turkish Republic Event fixed finally got it, big patch update coming soon
  9. Seems like demilitarizing Rhineland event disappear in spectator mode?
  10. 1.3 UPDATE, CIVIL WAR IN RUSSIA: The update is out! Update Includes: ⬛ Events for Russian Civil War (it's been along time coming) ⬛ Event chain for the Johnson Reed Act (USA) ⬛ New Civilizations (Bolshevik Russia, White Forces, and Spanish Guinea) ⬛ War between Poland and The Bolsheviks and The Peace of Riga Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m3yg0mxhicop4s1/1920_1.3.zip/file
  11. 1.2 UPDATE!!! Hooray! It is finally here! It includes: ⬛ Tons of new events such as, The Spanish Civil War, The Great Emu War, and Blitzkrieg ⬛ New ideologies, Socialism, Social Democracy, Federal Republic and The Constitutional Monarchy ⬛ For some countries, different flags for the new ideologies ⬛ Technology levels for most countries, some of them are not realistic, and are only there to balance the game to make it more realistic ⬛ Added Manchuria as only a Chinese Vassal to simulate Japanese influence ⬛ Much more! ⬛ Removed kebab 1.2 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/65t01ep1hzmq5o3/1920_1.2.zip/file
  12. Yes I will do that eventually, but non - aggression pacts have a limit of 40 turns. That means I would have to make like 10 extremely tedious to make, long non aggression pacts. Unfortunately the AI is weird sometimes.
  13. Thank you for the suggestions, the next update is mainly focused on Germany. But you can expect this to be added.
  14. You should add immigration events for the USA, as that would add more flavor to the game. But if USA wishes to do so, in 1924, it can choose to adjust -not refuse, as the almost all people in the congress did not refuse it- immigrations which can result in different events for the different choices. If it chooses to do it the historical way, the Johnson-Reed Act, it should result in a decrased relationship with the Asian countries excluding Philippines but an increased happiness for USA because this act was mainly for US homogenity. You can read about it here: https://history.state.gov/milestones/1921-1936/immigration-act
  15. You should add Non-agression pact between Weimar Republic and France,UK,Spain etc. As they may attack Weimar Republic(Happened twice in my save)
  16. The Update Is Out!!! I have finally finished the update on this scenario, and it is done earlier than expected. New Features: ⬛ Events for Irish rebels in UK, if you do not release the Irish Free State expect a crushing happiness loss. ⬛ Events for the rise of Mussolini in Italy, if you do not make Mussolini Prime Minister you risk a Fascist Civil War. ⬛ Events for Nazi Germany leading up to WW2 such as the Pact of Steel, Invasion of Austria (Now Redone) and the Invasion of Czechoslovakia ⬛ Nepal and Bhutan now added ⬛ Four new Custom Civilizations, Trucial States, British Oman, British South Arabia & The National Fascist Party (Italy Rebels) ⬛ A whole lot of bug fixes ⬛ Changed the rar file to a zip file ⬛ Removed kebab Try it out yourself! http://www.mediafire.com/file/46ksuh5xx0di5iy/1920_1.1.zip/file
  17. Yep!
  18. Hello everybody! Now is a good time for me to post an update progress. I will warn there is a very small chance that you will not see an update this week, as I have something personal going on really soon. But the likelihood of that happening is very small. So yeah, this update will be REALLY soon. What I have done so far: ⬛ Added more events for Nazi Germany right before the start of WW2 ⬛ Added Mussolini takes power event in Italy, if you deny making him Prime Minister, your happiness is significantly lowered risking fascist civil war. ⬛ Saar-Basin has a choice to join Germany or France, there is a bug though where it seems to become apart of France far too often. It is glitchy. ⬛ Pact of Steel event (Alliance between Germany and Italy) ⬛ New Alliance between France & Britain ⬛ Bloody Sunday for Irish Rebels Event ⬛ Nepal & Bhutan What I have left to do: ⬛ Finish up the Irish Rebels ⬛ Balance some colonies in Africa That is really it! This update is coming super soon! It adds a lot on to version 1.0! I am so excited for everybody to see it 😄
  19. Will add soon, I tend to add non aggression pacts as updates come out. Thank you!
  20. Without non-aggression pact Russia will be attacked by NATO pretty soon, and it will fall pretty quick which is not something realistic

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