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Age of History 3

Change-Soul Run (for who wants new fresh replay)

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Hi y'all! I always thought play the same country for thousands of turns is really rude. So, I usually put the turn limit as 600-700, due to over these turn you're overpowered. But I recently thought: what if I use this bug as challange? Basically, the founding idea is your "civilization soul" will die after determined turn and it will go to another civ. How do that? I drawn up some rules:

1. Choose a scenario to play. I suggest you some fun scenario like 1440, modern world, 1200. I tested (and enjoyed A LOT!) in 1180 scenario made by amazing modder @PLe2.

2. Set the turn limit. To decide turn limit, I prefered to use Number Generat, setting 5 as minimum and 500 as max (500 due to is 70~ years about, I think is realistic for a King, see for example Luis XIV). I suggest you to not skip Number Generator: the case make it more fun!

3. Set difficulty as max. It is a challange or not?

4. As civ, I suggest you to pick random civ (go to options>civ>click on your civ>random civ in bottom right). Like I said, the case make it more fun!

5. Play. Do your max, DO NOT RECOVER any savegame. What you did, is happened. You declared war on stronger nation and probably you'll die? The next time you'll do better. 

6. 2 turns earlier the game will finish, save. Go to next turn (so there will be 1 turn before you'll finish the game), then exit.

7. Use this bug. When you'll go on "New Game", you must pick another random civ, another random turn limit (I'll use always Number Generator for it) and play that scenario (you'll play the scenario that you left, so every choice you made is still here). 

The game over is your fail: if you'll die by another country, it's gameover. To win, just try to conquer the whole world!

I honestly tried it and I enjoy, it's a fresh replay for who know the game for a long time. Let me know if you'll try it and if you'll like it!

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