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Age of History 3

Hatikvah (2018 Israel Story)

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Africa was a undevoloped continent. But Israel had enough power to devolop those deserts. Goktunyahu never planned an early invasion of Middle East. We needed more manpower and industry to do that, and we was going to gain those by conquering more in Africa. Nobody was paying attention to our Africa conquests.


We needed to stop imperialism to do our own imperialism. There will be only Zionist Imperialism that will do his work in Africa and Middle East. We stopped European dogs stepping into Libya and Turkey. But there were more hungry countries like us, like Algeria. After they defeated Spain, they quickly invaded Morocco and decided to finish Libya.




Goktunyahu was at Libya, at al-Gogtug's bunker. His capital was no longer a safe place because of bombings from Algeria and Finland, so as you might expect he moved to a desert bunker. al-Gogtug was looking so sad, in his first year of rule, his country became a hell. He didn't do anything, it was just Algerians and Finnos.


Goktunyahu asked:

- How's war going?

al-Gogtug answered with a little bit sadness.

- Not good. But inshallah Libya's glorious lions will defeat them.

Goktunyahu knew it before, because of MOSSAD was one of most talented intelligence services in the world.

- I hope you guys will fix it, Goktunyahu answered back.


Suddenly, they heard weird sound:

- we       are algerian airlines, we        are globally not yourss


- Algerians!, a soldier screamed.

The bunker next to their bunker just got bombed by Algerians. Goktunyahu quickly moved out of there, and al-Gogtug went to another bunker.




A SS from the F-854451 Algerian Jet's software, the jet that bombing nearby bunker. It's more advanced than Central African Republic's planes!



Goktunyahu understood that Libya was going to die. So, in order to save them, we invaded them. We only took their remaining coastine.




But it was not enough. Goktunyahu started the Third Invasion of Egypt!



While we was pushing them, Algerians tried to invade Syria to wrap around us. But we gave some rights to Syria in order to let them defeat those imperialist Algerians.



And, we managed Spain to declare war on Algeria. This will make them busy for a time.



After a short war, we finally made peace with Egypt. Our dream of Greater Israel is about to be real!






Jehovah, protect Jerusalem and blessed people of Israel!

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Forgot to share this.


Guys, I don't have anything to say. Comment is yours






maybe israel fought with european imperialists too hard, very hard. it's 40-50 turns before, i'm scared to look at now 😕


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Algeria was becoming a superpower. And as you might expect, it would hurt Israel. We gave money to African countries to attack them. So they did. Israel stopped them.




Then, Iran almost destroyed Iraq. And we took our piece too. Now we had a border with our worst enemy ever.



And we found out Algerians moved to Iberia, counter-reconquista?





Israel declared war on Syria.



Their army was weakened in Algeria, so we pushed them so easily. Damascus was near to borders of Israel, so we quickly encircled there.





And after a short time, they surrendered. Syria was ours!





Jehovah, protect Jerusalem and blessed people of Israel!


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As long forum is dead, I can tell what happened.


I attacked Yemen and united Ethiopia with my lands. Then attacked Iran, and attacked again, took a big chunk of land. Then annexed Saudi Arabia.


Also annexed Libya but I don't remember when

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On 3/17/2019 at 1:32 AM, goktug14 said:

As long forum is dead, I can tell what happened.


I attacked Yemen and united Ethiopia with my lands. Then attacked Iran, and attacked again, took a big chunk of land. Then annexed Saudi Arabia.


Also annexed Libya but I don't remember when


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Man, i never seen new posts here... But this stuff still drives me crazy!

Oh and Israelcube is even greater again! Looks like they've removed Ethiopian Abyssiniaball from premises! Who's going to be next victim of Jehovah's wrath?


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