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Age of History Games
Balamber Khan

Ojibwe [1440]

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EPISODE 1: Migrating

1.1: Treasury


An Ojibwe: "Our master says that we are very rich, we are the richest in the world and that richness is given to us by the God, by the way I realized that I can't get bread for 2 days so we eat grass instead of bread, however Long Live our Master!"


1.2: Migration


"We have been migrating for years I spotted that there are too many lakes in our region."

"We found a river after thousands of days. But it is too hot here."

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EPISODE 2: Azteca

1.1: Aztecans


"We arrived at the final point of the river and our master said that there is a sea here. As he said, at the other part of the sea, there is a strong federation called Azteca, and he said that one day, we'll be a strong federation like them. "

1.2: Federation

"Our master said that we are a federation now, like Azteca! He also said that we won't migrate anymore, and he said that he is the ruler of us now, we accepted."

1.3: Wichitans


"Our mast... *cough* king said that we destroyed evil Wichitans while I was sleeping. Hooray!"

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