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please fix alliances & vassals

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they are extremely unstable. at any moment your ally could declare war on you, can have bad relations, etc. and with vassals.. at any time, they can choose to want independence. its because relations are random. basically, the only way to ensure that your allies dont turn on you is to pay other countries to go to war with them, because when you get called to war by them it improves relations. and same with vassals you basically have to be a war machine. i undertand you have to get the whole map but i dont think the game wants you to be at war constantly. 

my solution is to make the vassal permanently have good relation with you. like a province of yourself. also they should have your population too.

my solution for alliances is to have members unable to declare war on eachother, then if they leave they automatically sign a truce with all the other allaince members for like 40 turns.

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Alliance mamber cant declare war on you just like thta, but vassals do, when you have bad relations with them and someone offers them coalition against you they might just take it cause of the relations, thats why i always give money to my vassals so they improve relations with me and also i dont waste my diplomacy for it

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