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Civilization characteristics

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civilization traits like HOI4, you can add/remove them like Ages.json, Governments.json. they can be applied per scenario and in events or even under certain conditions
here are a couple ones i developed 

Lucky Nation - doubles the country's movement points and income (for 1440 or EU4 scenarios)
Unlucky Nation - halves the country's movement points and income
Socialist Nation - your nations happiness decreases slower, increases faster but your income production and taxation is cut in half
Discipline - you can recruit more population into the army
Radical Government - countries of other ideologies will hate you more (For WW2)
Neutrality - other countries will get double war weariness if at war with you, however you will also gain 2x war weariness if you are an aggressor in a war.
Oppressive - you will gain an advantage in wars, but your happiness is harder to raise and easier to drop.
Isolationism - your income will go up, technology is harder to research, and countries will hate you more. this will cease when ur declared war on, its replaced with nationalism
nationalism - gives you a series of advantages but everyone hates you 

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