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Alternate cold war scenario

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this scenario is a communist america (and allies) vs a capitalist ("democratic") russia/ and allies. i made up bunch of stuff for this.

Sovereign Union = Союз Суверенных Демократических Республик

American Union = union of federal socialist republics

fun facts about this universe.

- in 1940s, german was lead by the "Social Nationalist German Capitalist" party instead. the nazis of this universe were called the "sonas"
- north korea is still called a dictatorship by the west. they really cant catch a break
- in this universe the sino-russian split still happened. but because america is like anti-revisionist they didnt side with china still lmao.
- in this universe slavery never existed for some reason 
- in this universe americans are native instead of european, since genocide never occured in americas.. but they were still technically colonized..? wtf?
- in this universe is no kim kardashian
- america still did not win the vietnam war
- instead of NATO and Warsaw Pact, we have North Pacific Treaty Organization (NPTO) and the Paris Treaty Organization (Paris Pact)
- in this universe, the Internet is called the Cybernet instead


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On 8/6/2021 at 9:44 PM, davidtjk said:

cool does it have events

i cant release it sadly because its on a "custom" modded game. but Yes there are some events like

some space race events (increases technology)
vietnam revolution in 1974 depends on some conditions.
If one germany becomes too unhappy, the other germany can seize the opportunity to annex you (or go to war) So you must be careful as germany to keep your citizens happy. same with Korea. 
with china the same applies, however Taiwan/prc can choose to coup the roc to annex part of it or go to war with paris pact which will start ww3
the UK, America, Yugoslavia, and "soviet" union can collapse if happiness gets too low. 

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