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Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd

Eurasian Madness | What if Germany won ww2 *WIP* Update 1

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Hallo Gennosen!

Its been a while since my first post, and i wanted to update yall on whats currently goin on in the mod development and stuff.

so first a few changes (little and major) in the map

  • Texas has been gobbled by the US of A
  • New chinese War lords have been added
  • and India is a bit less balkanized
  • and a bit more minor ones like new countries in the balkans, ect.


New Portraits including:

  • Mussolini Quadrouple's
  • The Indian drip master
  • this guy named lama
  • and Mcarthur



And some cool new Flags:



And here's what im currently working on:

  • Portraits for russia (and portraits in general)
  • more custom nations
  • events
  • lore

And thats about it, im gonna try to update yall about the mod more and try to work on the mod more in general but there might be some complications since summer's about to end. If i had to say, the mod is done in like 5.7% so dont expect for it to come out anytime soon. Ill try to get it at least 10% done in the next 2 months so maby ill release it in november 2022. But these are just speculations so dont expect anything.

For now, Farewell Kameraden and have a good night (or day wherever you live).

-Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd

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