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My Hand-Made Pack

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I'm new to the forums and I wanted to share my additions to the game with you.

This pack contains about 17 new scenarios which include:

- My take of Hoi4 mod Kaiserreich

-Kaiserreich Entente-Reichspakt Cold War

-My take on Krasnacht (Kaiserreich Moscow Accord-Internationale Cold War)


-Avanti! (Alt. hist. scenario where monarchists take power in France after winning WW1 and Italy going fascist. Then they go to war with eachother and Italy wins the war. The scenario starts with Italy being allied to Austria and Hungary.

-Rise of the Imperial Eagle (Another Alt. hist. scenario. Basically what if Russian Empire won WW1)

-Yugoslav Wars

-Turkish Civil War

-My take on Hoi4 mod Red World

-Die Neue Ordnung (My take on Hoi4 mods TNO and TWR)


-Napoleonic Victory (What if Napoleon won the wars)

-World at War (A Red Floodish scenerio where Spartacists take power in Germany,Russia is controlled by 2 entities, Pan-Asian communist Japan, Nationalist-Socialist France and their allies in Norway and Ireland, Spain divided into 7(8) factions (Agrarian Communists,Anarchists,Futurists,Francoists,Monarchists,Falangists and National Syndicalists) aswell as 2-sided Portuguese Civil War between Nationalist-Socialists and Salazarists, a divided USA (there are some gamerish things I won't say right now but you can look by downloading, North African-French Agrarian Union,3-sided Turkish Civil War, 2-sided Persian Civil War, British controlling more territories in another parts of the world but losing India, German colonists in Africa staying in power and forming an alliance, fractured China and much much more)

-Unfinished Projects:

-Interwar Chaos (Alternate Russian Civil War and Commie Germany again)

-Red Order (TNO-like scenario but instead of Germany, the USSR controls Eastern Europe directly but the SSRs are shown in the map)

-Meme Scenario:

-Reichskommissariat Ruckus (Half of the world is fractured Reichskommissariat by Reichskommissariat)

I also changed a large chunk of the following scenarios:


-Modern World

-USA (not a large chunk but some parts)

The pack also includes all the following:

-A new background (I got it from here but forgot who posted it, maybe AoC2ModdingTR)

-New Flag aspects (Frame and waving aspect)

-A brand new font

-TONS and TONS of new leaders (in new scenarios + the older ones especially WW1,WW2 and Modern World)

-Some formables (I don't remember all but two examples: Greater Persia and Romanian Empire)

-Russia now changes flag and name according to ideology in Modern World

-Some new icons like capital city star, friendly nation and puppet icons

-4 ideologies' icons, names and colors reworked



-National Syndicalism


-Radical Socialism



-National Populism




-Social Liberal

-Market Liberal

-Social Democrat




-National Conservative

-Liberal Conservative



-Nationalist Socialism

-National Bolshevism

-Popular Socialism


-Council Communism





That's all for my hand-made pack! Feel free to download, play and comment!




My mod.rar





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