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Age of History 3

My suggestions

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1) Minimum army to attack and capture any province must be over 1% of province population.

2) If the nation lost 60% of its population then it should capitulate.

3) sea movements must cost 20-time more expensive than the same number of troops in land (or look at 6 point)

4) assimilation must be much slower (or you can make deportation?)

5) It must be much more expensive to maintain the far territories than those, that closer. So countries wich have normal borders will have better economic, so they will prevail and the bordergore-countries will not survive very long

6) Actually i dont like when people write about types of units, but there's a single type wich can bring a lot of realistic stuff to the game - the naval units. The naval units will protect the naval provinces, so the enemy will not be able to move his land troops to these provinces if he didn't defeat the enemy's naval troops by his ones there. Thus, the control of the seas will lead to the control of the world), like in the real history.

7) If the army appeared to be encircled by the enemy and it's staying there for 3 turns (being totally unconnected to its mainland or capital) then its capacity to fight decreases twice. I mean that 100 of its soldiers will have the strengh only like 50 of enemy soldiers. And then its strength will only decline. Or maybe even the % of units number itself will disappear.

Another idea - if the army is encircled by the enemy and unconnected with its capital then it must take huge number of diplomacy points to manage units in it. And there's only 50% random possibility that they will not be frozen and able to move. I believe it will totally resolve the strange-border-problem during the wars.

😎 I dont know if it's executed already but i want the units of the different countries to have different strength. It should depend on the technology rate. If country has the technology rate - 1.0 then its 100 units should be able to defeat 1000 units of the country wich has 0.1 technology rate.

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I've already spoken about capitulation on a different thread which has the same topic

So here's my edit or let's say, comments on your suggestions

I've already spoken about capitulation on a different thread which has the same topic

So here's my edit or let's say, comments on your suggestions

1-) It shouldn't be, “A is outnumbering B so the province becomes under his control now.” The current system is perfectly fine. 

 1.1-) When attacking alongside your allies not all of your units should be dead if you have the lesser numbers.

3-) It would make the player run out of movement points, they are perfectly fine the way they currently are.

4-) There's no need for assimilation to be slower. It already takes a good amount of time, and sometimes you need to assimilate a province again. 

5-) That feature is already in the game, except your idea is non-existent. To fix border-gore the AI needs to be perhaps rewritten entirely to focus on SPs which I have mentioned in the thread about capitulation. Losing the territory you gained shouldn't depend on the distance to the capital of your country. If you want to make something like that you can release a vassal like I am currently doing.

6-) I can talk about unit types for hours but because it most likely will not be implemented in the game, I'm going to say something for the first time here. Unit types should have been varied from the start. Tanks, paratroopers, artillery, infantry, aerial, and naval. Recruitment of some of them should take longer than regular infantry. A balanced amount of units give low casualties, while an unbalanced one gives a lot. The units have different sprites/icons and modifies the strength of the army in the province both for offensive and defensive. Same thing applies for naval units. But the difference is that they can only be recruited if the province bordering a sea province has a port.

7-) That already happens. You lose supplies and you lose defensive strength if you get encircled. 

100 vs 1000, they would eventually get outnumbered then die out if they got attacked. Should be a more balanced number, and the number of casualties should also depend on the technology level. 

What do you think?

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1) - I meant capturing empty province. Now the minimum amount of army to take the province wdhout army is 10, i suggested that your army must be over 1% of civilian population of this hostile province.

3) Not movement points, but money

4) Playing as Germany i can invade Poland in 1939 and completly assimilate it till maybe 1941. Is that realistic? And i think more - assimilation should worsen the way all other countries treat you, at least democratic countries.

7) No, never met this in the game. But saw a lot of pockets of armies migrating through entire enemy's mainland.

8.) How did britains captured the entire India, Australia, North America, a lot of very populated nations in the middle east? - answer is a technology level. And proportions were much bigger than just in 10 times.

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