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How to Copy and Paste Text Ingame?


Say I want to make a really long description for an event in a scenario. But the text editor is so inconvenient because it doesn't even add a new space when the text gets too long, yet at the same time I can't even copy and paste. Is there a workaround to this or do I have to deal with it.


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You can't, but there is another way to do it, Chairman baad has explained it before, but anyway i will try to explain you:

1- to do this u need to have either MT manager or --- editor for Android, for PC i don't really khow what program u can use but overall i think the process its pretty much the same.

2-Go to the Game Files -> Assets - > Game -> Languages - > Bundle Properties.

3- Now what you neeed to do is make a short name for the event, for example= 

As you can see i have a name for the Norwegian crisis called "ns_seccesion_n" that means the name of the events, you can put what name you want, but you need to put then a "=" before writing your event, you can make is as large as you want.

Once you ended your writing you can save the files and open the game.

Once in the game go to the Scenario you want, and put in the Description of the event the name of your event, so the game can localize, it.

As you can See the mod Age of Imperialism has lots of events using this methods.

I hope i helped you, if you have any Question, ask me.

Chairman baad modding tips:

Here is Chairman Explanation if you want more information:


Screenshot_20220203-120446_Age of Imperialism 12.jpg

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