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Guest screwdriver_ftw

Peace Treaty Bug (maybe?)

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Guest screwdriver_ftw

So I have come across something... Unusual. When dividing land during a peace treaty with allies, apparently, removing land from allies, or taking the same province that an ally wanted to take, will make you or the ally lose points, without actually getting the territory. There are some extra instances like that, for example by playing around with taking land for other nations (I don’t remember exactly how I did it) you can get a pretty much infinite number of territory. I decided not to test out whether the game would let me take the territories all for myself, in fear of breaking the game. Please don’t get mad at me if the it’s not a bug, I am quite new to the game, and not really familiar with its mechanics.

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I had the same bug, and although I had some trouble reproducing it (because of some color blindness), I definitely took possesion of England and Castille this way in the 1440 scenario.

Long story short :

  1. - played with France;
  2. - in a alliance with Bourgogne and Nevers;
  3. - Castille (already spreading across actual Spain territory) began the war with me (so I was the main defender);
  4. - had some trouble but managed to invade their territory (Bourgogne also invaded some territories)
  5. - during the peace treaty, I was supposed to choose my territories, but instead requested for liberation Cataluña;
  6. - then I selected Catalunian territories, the stars count didn't change, then I could select some more territories (and repeat if needed).

Once again, I made some random clicks that led me to this, I may try and reproduce the bug again.

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