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And if we make the chronological game and divide by universe the alternative stories? + other proposes

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That is, I propose that the game respect the chronology of the scenarios (real chronology, from the first that is very low to the recent without a deadline).

and I also propose a system based on the universes (stories alternate or parallel to ours), where our creations will be.

To understand better:

- our universe (where will be the default scenarios of the game, that is, created by Luckaz, it will be called "Our Universe", "Universe / land 0" or "story mode".

- In contrast, for those who create scenarios will be the system based on universes or parallel lands where they can create if they want their alternate events chronologically, these universes will be called: "universe 1, 2, 3, 4, etc ..." or " land 1, 2, 3, 4, etc ... "(For more freedom of the player, you can change the name of these universes in parallel (from universe 2 to anarchic world, from earth 6 to communist land, from universe 13 to chronology of 1984 by George Orwell, etc ...)

Other proposes:

- Dates of reign for leaders: it is unfair that you want to create a leader who was born in an era halfway away from the scenario in question, for example, in Argentina Menem (former president) was born in 1930 but governed in the 90s, and if I put that leader, does not leave and also leaves the leader by default (in the case of Argentina, Macri).

- Deepening of events: more things for events and please, that the option "civilization exists"  is already automatic.

- OOne of the most insane: that the map editor is inside the map editor menu in the editor part of the game (above the game editor and below the general ones)

- Editor and creator of ideologies.

Export and import of flag images for the civilizations editor and also, that the tag can be edited, the civilization in question of ideologies, and that this be saved in a single file format (like civilizations by default) but that the folder: "civilizations_editor" continue to exist.

very ambitious I'm hahaha, so that's it, and if Luckaz gets to see this, his head will be blown literally hahaha



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