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The Gathering Storm 2.6

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Hello, I'm Beag!
As BPM Modding team, we made a more developed and fixed version of TGS 2.5; The Gathering Storm 2.6
So why BPM Modding TGS 2.6?
With the disbandment of AoC2ModdingTr, TGS is left without a developer.
With the participation of Khaganate and Hunselos, the developers of TGS 2.5, in our team, the development of TGS was handed over to us with the permission of Kerem Yılmaz.

BPM Modding Discord Server : https://discord.gg/eAj7nZv9ng


The Gathering Storm 2.6 features:

+Main Scenario:

-Added Trotskyist, Communist, Himler, Göring and 3 different Monarchist paths to Germany (Habsburg, Wilhelm II and III)
-Added Monarchist, Communist and Democrat roads to Italy
-Added Focus Tree to Bulgaria
-Added Focus Tree to Turkey
-Added Focus Tree to Brazil
-Added Focus Tree to Sweden (Thanks to Agora)
-Alternative Trotskyist, Monarchist and Fascist ways added to the Soviets
-Added Japan Sengoku (Disbandment and Reunification) Path

+New Scenarios:

-The Gathering Storm : 1936 - Non Historical : A scenario where Artificial Intelligence can act just like a player (it will choose a focus tree according to its head). You will have a different experience every time you play!
-WWI 1911 and 1914: Our WWI scenario with 200 events has also been added to the mode, anyone can play.

+Main Game :

-Bugs Fixed
-New Music Added
-Rivers Added to the Map

Keep game speed at 100% or above and AI Aggression at 10% or below
Links :
PC : https://www.mediafire.com/file/8yjikrk0b5bkg7p/TGS26.rar/file
Mobile : https://www.mediafire.com/file/j70kr7ca813jqu8/The_Gathering_Storm_2.6.---/file


Tkanks To :
Baron for first version of TGS
Aoc2ModdingTr for 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5
Agora for Sweeden focus tree and German Trotskyist way

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