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Millennium in Flammen what if Goering had take over world

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Hello there welcome to little mod made by Yugargelia Mapper call Millennium in Flammen  what if Goering had take over world in tno universe 


Yet with the aftermath of 1950 Crisis, Germany was a world superpower and the master of Europe by 1962. However, no one is immortal, and Adolf Hilter died in 1963. Due to the strong influences and popularity of candidates to succession, Germany was engulfed in civil war. Goering, leader of the Luftwaffe, won the German Civil War thanks to his tactics and support from the Wehrmacht. He managed to restore the Einheitspakt. Due to Italian crisis, Iberian collapse and Turkey decay, Germany crushed the former Triumvirate members in 1970. Then, Germany took the Nordic countries in less than one year. In 1973, Goering beggined the Operation Fall Rot. Even though the Russian warlords formed an united front, they were no match for the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht. In 1976, OFN and CPSGEA entered in war because of incidents in Hawai with a shrimp boat. Germany claimed to be "neutral" but it was just preparing for the invasion of Asia. In 1977, taking advantage of instability in Asia, Germany declared war on CPSGEA and took it by 1979. The Cold War between Germany and OFN intensified even more; with the first one rulling almost all of Europe, Asia and Africa. In 1984, the feared happened: World War 4 had break out (WW3 was the war of Japan vs Germany and OFN). This was by far the greatest challenge that Goering faced; and the largest naval battles were fought in Atlantic, Pacific and Artic for nearly 2 years. Then, in 1986, Germany launched the Operation Erickson, where via Artic, German troops landed in Canada and Alaska. This and the defeat of OFN fleets in Bermuda gave Germany the advantage. The WW4 ended in 1988 with a German victory. The remaining free nations in Latin America were doomed; and they got quickly invaded. By 1991; German world domination was consolidated. Even though Goering claims that world is "under a brotherhood of strong pure nations", the certain is that the Reichskommisariats barely have autonomy, being controlled in almost all aspects by Germany.


Our discord server https://discord.gg/kFvgGgq3





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Everyone wati for mod listen this

Yugargelia he military service is starts by Saturdays so mod will be delayed this bad news


Good news is he finish civil war and by help build lore we had got few rebels for added to game 

We wish him good day 



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