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Storia del Rinascimento (Revival Age 2) v 2.1 Storia del Rinascimento ❗***NOT MINE***

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***NOT MINE***

Credits to the 

Mod authors KWISHKA & 3xTayZy

Renaissance Age 2 is a modification created specifically for Ukrainian fans of Age of History 2.

The modification adds:
* New scenarios
* Code Bloody Europe 2 (1.2.1)
* Ukrainian music
* Ukrainian keyboard
* Ukrainian language
* New interface
* New font
* World map (from the original AoH 2)
* Map of Ukraine (510 provinces)
* New sounds

List of updates

Update from 05/21/22:

* Bloody Europe 2 code update to version
* Added formable civilizations
* Updated 1440 scenario (from  A 1440 Mod )
* Mod becomes available on PC

Updates from 5.06.22:

* Fixed a bug with August / September
* Added a new type of government limited monarchy
* Added world wonders
* Added previews to scenarios

Epoch Revival 2 update to version 1.3:

* Changes in Bloody Europe code (
* Changed some icons



  • Logo update
  • Added new scenarios:
    - Viking Age
    - Rebellion of B. Khmelnytsky
    - 867
    - Changed the scenario of modernity (now it starts on February 14, 2022. Also the scenario of the city is real population and events)
    - 1991 (with real population)
    - 1240
  • Integrated code from BEII 1.2.3 snapshot
  • Changed soundtrack
  • Improved Ukrainian localization
  • Added English language (BETA)
  • Changed font
  • Changed flag texture
  • Launch of the telegram channel - https://t.me/StoriaDelRinascrimento

2.1 UPDATE "Fire and Sword"

  • Changes in the technology window:
    • Now all technologies except education have 150 technology points, education 15 points
    • Now instead of the "+" button there is an "Explore" button
  • Added map with addon+ (and with it all scenarios with addon+)
    • Also transferred all ideologies from Addon + (In the future they will be completed)
  • Changed map background
  • Added Ukrainian localization of civilizations with addon+
  • Updating backgrounds in the main menu
  • Updated soundtrack
  • Changed font

Mod languages: Ukrainian, English.


Renaissance Epoch 2 v 1.3 PC : https://file-storage.su/epoha-vidrodzhennya-2-pk/
Android : https://files.mods.su/epoha-vidrodzhennya-2/
Storia del Rinascimento 2.0 Android : https://file-storage.su/storia-del-rinascimento/
Storia del Rinascimento 2.1 Android : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11i4vEoONuPRC-4NdPmCczp4yahZfat93/view







Go show the authors some love!

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