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Posted (edited)

Hello, I'm Ögeday.Mod takes place in 1960.
Our mod is a cold war mode that focuses on focus in general but also includes news events. Many icons in the mod have been changed in the same way and the background of the game has been changed in the same way. There are many leaders in the game. There is also a lot of music in this mode. It has been changed in some links in the mod. Added Suez Canal and Panama canal in mod, added in connections between Kerch Strait and Dardanelles Strait. There is also an experimental selection mechanic in 1.0 (only available in turkey for 1.0).

-Focus trees added to 7 countries


      -Republic People's Party Road
      -Justice Party Road
      -The Road to the Republican Peasant Nation Party (Democratic Nationalist)
      -National Committee Union Road
      -The Way of the Workers' Party of Turkey


-Soviet Union

      -Galievism Way
      -Stalinism Way
      -The Path to Syndicalism
      -Normal Way
      -Democratic Way
      -Confederate Path
      -The Monarchist Way
      -Theocratic Way
      -The Nationalist Way

  -United States

      -Social Democratic Path
      -Communist Way
      -Anarcho Socialist Road
      -Anarcho-Capitalist Way
      -The Nationalist Way
      -Theocratic Way
      -Republican Party Road
      -Democratic Party Way


      -Habsburg Road
      -Bourbon Road
      -Democratic Way
      -Franko Way


      -Gaullist Path (Normal Path)
      -Social Democratic Path
      -The Socialist Way
      -Communist Way
      -Democratic Nationalist Path
      -Napoleon Road

  -West Germany

      -Democratic Way
      -Democratic Nationalist Path
      -Social Democratic Path
      -The Socialist Way

  -United Kingdom

      -Parliamentary Monarchist Way
      -Democratic Way
      -Social Democratic Path
      -The Socialist Way
      -The Nationalist Way
      -The Monarchist Way
      -England Roads
              +Democratic British Republic
              +Kingdom of England

-Added new icons

-New Scenarios: Chinese Civil War II (Alternative), WWII , WWI , Modern World

-Added special Vietnam War foes to the Main Scenario

-Now in game:
        +200 rounds of non-aggression pacts
        +Larger event image area
        +Longer lasting diplomatic events
        +AI that acts according to its ideology
      (made by our team Uwut)

-We will focus on one event/one country in each version of the mod. Example:        +1.0-Algeria Independence Events/France
        +1.2-1960 Coup/Türkiye
        +1.5-Missile Crisis/America
        +1.8-Missile Crisis/Soviet Union
        +2.0-Vietnam War(Detailed)/South and North Vietnam
        +2.2-Cyprus Events/United Kingdom-Greece-Turkey

Pc Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LdYTsbl...sp=sharing

Mobil Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18e5siXy...zlLlH/view




                            Cold War | 1.2 Update...

1.2.1 - 28.05.2023 / Adding news events
1.2.2 - 28.05.2023 / Editing Scenarios
1.2.3 - 29.05.2023 / Adding Turkey's coup focus
1.2.4 - 31.05.2023 / Detailing news events
1.2.5 - 02.06.2023 / ;A feature from 1.2: Realizing the Mod.

1.2.6 - 04.06.2023 / Switch to new backgrounds
1.2.7 - 05.06.2023 / Adding Congo crisis events
1.2.8 - 05.06.2023 / Splitting the CHP path into two as İsmet İnönü and Bülent Ecevit in Turkey

1.2 Picture;


Edited by Gathering

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I do not know but the paths are really wacky; some are openly meme paths, soviet Union suddenly abandonning communism, US turning synarchist, Soviet Union forming Polish-Lituatuanian-Russian commonwealth but still get no core in Poland or Lituania.

The change in Soviet ideology should be slow not a little button in the event tree and hey, we are now a theocracy, in a such radical change they must be a civil war, everyone will not simply accept the sudden change.

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Posted (edited)

Apply what I say to all countries in this mod.

For example I want to establish a certain.regime in X country, that will not be with a single button on the focus but by slowly gaining influence, propaganda, staging a civil war, leading a coup, passing through victories and failures. That is basic realism.

Also every path should be detailled with events.

Edited by Emir of Granada

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